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Our Team

michelle white
web designer
An artist since the age of "as far back as I can remember" creating has always been in my blood. When I see something that interests me I don't think "what is that? Rather, I say to myself "What can that become?" Whether I am designing capability statements/business resumes or websites, I truly give all of my heart and soul into the project. I use my MindsEye to fully immerse myself into the design, to create a finished product that my clients are proud to display as a representation of their company.
deb mccabe
web developer / designer
deb is a web designer with a print design background. she does typography in her sleep and UX design by day. attention to detail and customer service are her hobbies. deb’s been passionate about graphic design since she was a student in the United States. she’s produced design solutions for clients in Colorado, Florida and, since 2009, New Zealand. she’s worked in print and on the web, and she’s a talented photographer, too. when she’s not creating your website, you’ll find deb working in her garden or her kitchen, working on her latest home-renovation project, or making cheese. deb has one cat; she’d have more if her husband would let her.
steve mccabe
I'm a pilot, a photographer, a beekeeper. I make coffee in the morning, and dinner in the evening. I refuse to dance. I write in a north of England accent, but I'll find the perfect voice for your project.